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I have been a writer ever since I can remembIMG_4836er.

It all started when 7-year-old Gemma realized what a journal was, back in 1999. I remember asking my mother for a glittery pink journal with scented pages at the super market. They were trendy, and of course, I had to have one if I was going to be cool.
She could tell how much I longed for the thing, and it was basically just a notebook, so what could be the harm?

Little did either of us know that over-prized little trinket would be not only the first of many, but the sole pioneer of a lifelong love affair between the written word and I.

From lyrics and poetry, to essays and sketch comedy, words are without a doubt the most addictively useless collection of sticks, curves, and dots thrown together. I don’t mean to say that words themselves are useless, but that their anatomy per se, absolutely is. But the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that they evoke from the human psyche is beyond, well, words.

I invite you to take a look at a small collection of my writing over the years.
And please! If you like or enjoy something, share it!

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