Tell Me That You’re Alright: Motion City Soundtrack Announce Breakup

080714_motioncitysoundtrack           If anyone finds little pieces of my heart scattered all over their high school yearbooks, first cars’ back seats, and drunken memories, please pick them up for me. I’ll get them after the show.

Late last Friday, March 11th, Motion City Soundtrack posted a farewell message to their fans on the band’s official website.

“We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done.”

And these words [effectively] destroyed our planet.

The alternative-indie Warped Tour favorite officially announced their break up, along with dates for a last 2016 tour rightfully titled So Long, Farewell.  

Motion City Soundtrack was born in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a couple of phenomenal self-released singles and EPs (namely Promenade/Carolina 1999, Kids For America, 2000,  and Back to the Beat, 2000) it finally made it’s studio debut with double-release album I Am The Movie in 2002, and broke through with it’s most successful album to date, Commit This To Memory in 2007.

Since then, this amazingly talented quintet has brought us numerous hits (to the heart, with their phenomenal lyrics, and flabbergasting musical composition), and burrowed their way deep into our souls with every single gut-wrenching, feels-pulling lyric in their entire discography.

On Monday morning, frontman Justin Pierre uploaded a video to the band’s youtube page expressing their gratitude for the “outpouring of support and utter despair” at the news. He also states that as difficult of a decision this was for them to make, going their separate ways is the right choice for them at this time. After nearly two decades of being Motion City Soundtrack, they are excited to discover themselves as individuals from the band. 

Although none of the band members have released statements on what their plans post-Motion City may be, we at TheWireWove wish them the absolute best in all their future endeavors, and cannot wait to see what each of their careers takes them next.


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